Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Latrines...and a day in the life


Hope all is well with you all. I wanted to include an update on the latrine project in our community and also write about what a day in the life is like here as a Peace Corps Volunteer.


Last Wednesday, we received a visit from the mayor, who told us that he had read our latrine solicitud and worked out an agreement with a local contractor to install 20 latrines in our community. Currently, houses either have old plastic or wood latrines or don´t have a latrine at all. The contractor walked around and handed out a 1 meter stick for all 20 houses, saying that they would dig a hole in the next week 1 meter squared and between 2 and 3 meters deep.

The past few days everyone has dug their hole and yesterday arrived the cement and zinc. Tomorrow will arrive rock, sand, wood frames, and the concrete seats. Next week will be the construction phase, where the contractors will work with our community to build each latrine. The walls and floor will be zinc and a tube will run from the hole to above the roof to have better flow of air to keep flies and odors away.

Day in the Life

As for a typical day, we have been getting up with the roosters and sunlight around 6am, filling up our shower bucket, our water filter, and getting oatmeal and coffee ready. While we eat breakfast, we usually read through a page of The Love Dare and an Ecclesiastes study we are doing.

After that, the day can hold anything. We might visit the school and hold an english class, we could attend a water or latrine meeting, we could head to the bigger city to get groceries and internet done, we could do laundry and throw it up on the line to dry if it isn´t raining.

If we don´t get lunch at the school, we´ll put together some sandwiches, soup, or rice with some gatorade powder to reenergize for the afternoon. There´s always the occassional high school student looking for english help or younger kids getting out of school who want to play Uno.

Around 6, it starts to get dark, so we shower and get dinner ready. Around 7 we are done with dinner and it´s dark, so it´s quite easy to fall asleep! We usually read for a bit, talk about the day, relax in the hammock, and then call it a day!

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  1. When do you find time to watch Dancing with the Stars?? :) Thanks for the updates and photos. I enjoy following you both on your adventure. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    Jeff Rau