Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home for Christmas!

Good afternoon!

I just want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sarah and I are heading out tomorrow afternoon for Minneapolis, where we will spend time with family over the holidays until January 3rd. We are really excited to see everyone again, yet a little worried about how different the temperature will be!

Here's a quick recap from the past couple weeks:

After being sick for most of the first days of December, I arrived back to site with my Environmental Health Director Timothy Wellman. It was good to get his insight as to how to sustain the work for years to come. We met with community leaders and discussed projects for the future.

We had a couple more English classes, with about 4 members attending. They were really excited to learn about family and directions. The group is small but we appreciate their enthusiasm to learn.

At the school we finished two base layers of light blue, on top of which we will paint the countries of the world.

It is also graduation time for the 6th graders. I got to attend two different graduations, give some encouraging words to the students, and eat some delicious chicken!

Sarah and I travelled to Panama yesterday and are at the Peace Corps office today before flying out tomorrow!

Best wishes to you all in this holiday season!


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