Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seventeenth Month on Site


Time is flying by...Sarah and I just celebrated our six month wedding anniversary! We went to a baseball game on Thursday night, to find the home team Chiriqui walloping the opponent 18-3. It has been a joy to have her serving by my side here in Panama.

Another celebration re able to celebrate my birthday up in beautiful, cool Boquete, where we stayed at a beautiful place by a bubbling brook and toured flower gardens and tried out some new restaurants. A nice way to reengergize!

An exciting, but bit terrifying story, is that I got bit by a scorpion while underneath my mosquito net! The picture can be found in the Picasa album, with the link on the right margin. I was sleeping and moved my arm only to feel a large jolt, like a beesting, just above my right elbow. I turned to see the scorpion scurry away under the mattress. About 30 minutes later we were able to corral the scorpion to a place where I could spray it.

Our World Map is almost all painted, with the exceptions of Norway, Japan, and large amount of South Pacific islands. It has been a fun way to spend our time together. Lots of kids and parents alike have asked us if this was a map of their province or of Panama. When we point out where Panama is, they say it's so very small! We're planning on giving some fun classes on geography in the coming month.

In other news, a Rotary group from Kansas, working with an organization called Heart to Heart, helped install three biosand filters. The goal is that people can use this at the household level to improve their quality of water. It was a bit weird to see a pickup truck arrive and 5 white people pile out!

This morning Sarah is at a meeting for Girl Scouts to see if they have resources that we can use back on site. Lots of the kids are looking for things to do and would enjoy having an organized activity where they could learn and have fun.

That's the news from here! Thanks for reading!


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