Monday, April 18, 2011

Eighteenth Month on Site

Good afternoon! The past couple weeks have been very eventful. Unfortunately, the first event was the onset of shingles on the left side of my body. I was stuck for seven nights in David while I recovered. Shingles, very similar in appearance to chicken pox, only affects one side of the body and is said to be dormant in the body, activating usually because of high levels of stress. Throughout the week I was able to get some research done on my thesis and watch the first week of the Minnesota Twins playing! In more positive news I just held a Project Management and Leadership seminar on site. 25 participants and 4 volunteers joined us each day for 4 days as we covered topics of values, money and time management as well as improving meetings, resolving conflicts, writing letters, and presenting in public. It was great to see people gaining confidence and getting a vision on how they can accomplish their goals. Also, field testing is starting! I installed chlorine tablets in two different aqueduct systems. For three days I will be testing free and total chlorine, pH, and wet weight of the tablet. Testing will continue throughout the next couple months. Thanks for reading and be well! Kevin

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